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WIAW – Finals Frenzy!

December 14, 2011

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week and halfway through finals! Speaking of finals, do any of you like having visual things that keep you motivated? Well when I started to feel very overwhelmed with outlining the whole semester of Tax, I made a list of all the chapters and checked them off as I went! Here is where I was Monday Night!

photo (37)

It really helped me visualize where I was and how far I had to go! It made me feel like I was actually accomplishing something!


So today is Wednesday, and you know what that means!

Peas and Crayons

Another installment of WIAW!!! If you’re new to WIAW, head on over to Peas and Crayons for an explanation. It’s a great way to find new blogs and get some meal and snack ideas!

For breakfast, I finally got what I’ve been waiting for:


If you haven’t seen this before, what you do is wait until your nut butter jar is almost completely empty, then you take your normal oatmeal and pour it into the jar, melting the nut butter that’s still in there!

Plus it’s just fun.

photo (39)

In the mix: 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, 1/3 cup water, 6 T egg whites, cinnamon, and some dried cranberries!

photo (38)

Some people like to do overnight oats in a jar, but personally I like ‘em hot so it melts the peanut butter.


A while after breakfast, I headed to the gym to get in a run. I had a final that night and needed to get out some anxiety!

I ended up running 6 miles with intervals: the first mile at 6.8, the second at 7.5 and then switching back and forth until I was done! Finished the 6 miles in 50:44 for an 8:27 min/mile pace. And can you believe it: I ended up on the funky treadmill again. Without a doubt, right before mile 4 it started switching speeds all on its own! I though I’d picked the one next to it… but no.


On my way back, I was ready to get studying but I was also starving! I decided to stop off and grab a greek salad with chicken from a local place. It is SO GOOD!!! And I was in serious need of veggies…

photo (36)   

After studying for a while longer, I made myself an afternoon snack of an apple and some Greek yogurt with cinnamon mixed in.

photo (40)

And then it was off to school! I got there a little early so I could pick up something to eat before the exam (it started at 6) and also print out some things.

I decided to stop at the Protein Bar, which I have RAVED about many times, and grab their quinoa vegetarian chili bowl, topped with some cheddar cheese and a dollop of Greek yogurt. If you live in the area, check out my reviews of the protein bar on my review page!

Of course, by the time I actually reached school with it, it had tipped over a bit. But still tasted delicious.

photo (41) 

After I ate, I walked around the building a bit to calm my nerves and let my food digest, then it was final taking time! Luckily this final was only 3 hours, so I was out of there at 9 and on the bus!

When I got home I was pretty hungry, so I threw together a sampler platter for “dessert” slash second dinner… It included greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon, canned pumpkin mixed with almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg, and a protein muffin! This time I made the banana chocolate chip! So good…

photo (72)

I know, I know, the picture is recycled.  But I promise, it basically looks the same! And trust me, at 9:45pm when I got off the bus starving, I was not about to take a picture!


What is your favorite place to grab a quick meal for take-out?

Do you use visual tools to help motivate you?

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  1. Jane permalink
    December 14, 2011 8:12 am

    How do you exactly make those oats? I’m not sure how or when to add the egg whites, etc…or how to do so when using a microwave OR kettle to make the oats.

    • December 14, 2011 11:54 am

      I always use the stove top to make oats, I’ve only ever done plain oats in the microwave. I mix in the egg whites at the beginning with the milk, water and oatmeal, and then add in anything else like banana or pumpkin when it’s almost done but not quite. A lot of times I’ll add extra water as I’m going if it gets too dry when i add something.

  2. December 14, 2011 8:14 am

    A 3 hour exam sounds like hell! I’m a visual learner so I always use visual stuff to help information sink in. Your oats in a jar look fab, I have so many near empty jars just waiting to be used!

    • December 14, 2011 11:53 am

      my one tonight is 4 hours… most are. And have fun with those near empty jars! I love OIAJ!!!

  3. December 14, 2011 8:46 am

    I love going to panera or pita pit at my school! That place sounds so much better though! congrats on finishing your exam!

  4. December 14, 2011 9:05 am

    I love visual tools – which is why I have a giant dry-erase board in our study with my weekly lists. I am all about adding things just so I can cross them out. Wake up? check. Eat breakfast? check. 🙂

    Now that I have kids, I don’t do much take out. I’d prefer to eat in the restaurant so they can do all the dishes and clean up. 🙂

    • December 14, 2011 11:55 am

      I love to-do lists! I have an iPhone app called Wunderlist that you can also access online. Although a white board would be better so you see it all the time!

  5. December 14, 2011 9:26 am

    I’m craving some good vegetarian chili!

  6. December 14, 2011 9:33 am

    your eats look delicious!! i’m all about the visual tools. they definitely help me not feel overwhelmed and stressed. strong work with staying so focused on your finals – you’re almost there girl! 🙂

  7. December 14, 2011 10:45 am

    Finals…. I know how much those suck, cause I’m writing them this week too! Have two left to go. So overwhelming when exams cover the whole term!

  8. December 14, 2011 11:55 am

    I’ve been meaning to check out protein bar for some time. Their chili looks so good!

    I’m glad your finals are going well and winding down- good luck finishing up 🙂

  9. December 14, 2011 12:19 pm

    I am a total fact memorizer…I just read and think and repeat over and over and over again. I also like to study with friends–it helps to teach ’em because then I learn it crazy good.

    I love me some oats!

  10. December 14, 2011 12:56 pm

    I do the same with a huge dry-erase board! Good luck with the end of the semester.

  11. December 14, 2011 3:04 pm

    I’m just like you–I write to do lists with boxes to check tasks off so that I can feel accomplished. Sometimes I put stuff on there I know I’m going to do just to give myself a few gimmes (i.e. brush my hair<–jk!).

    I also prefer hot oats. I've YET to find an overnight oats recipe I like, but I am ALMOST at the bottom of a peanut butter jar so I might give em one more chance (but what a waste when I could have warm, melty peanut butter instead?!).

  12. December 14, 2011 4:30 pm

    I make to-do lists on my iPad and love it when I can virtually check things off!

  13. December 14, 2011 5:58 pm

    Hot oats in a jar is the best, it’s purely magical!!!!

  14. December 14, 2011 8:23 pm

    I love the idea of putting egg whites in oats, but I still haven’t tried it! Yours look great!

  15. December 15, 2011 11:47 pm

    When I’m studying I like to have visual that show the progress I have made as well.
    I love crossing things off the list!

    I love oatmeal and peanut butter. Why didn’t I ever think of having it together IN the jar? That’s so neat looking too, the peanut butter I have is almost done.. Kind of excited to try it soon!

    I hope you are doing well on your finals. I just finished my last one today, now working on my research paper due tonight.. I’m almost done!!

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