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Strawberry Crème Oatmeal

November 19, 2011

Yesterday morning, I was trying to decide what kind of oats I wanted for breakfast. Then I realized that I was out of any kind of fruit or vegetable I would mix into my oats… Not even a half banana left!

What’s a girl to do?

Then I realized, I still have some fruit! In the freezer! I pulled out some frozen strawberries, and came up with this new concoction:

Strawberry Crème Oatmeal


1/3 cup Oatmeal

1/3 cup almond milk

1/3 cup water

1 spoonful flax

2/3 cup frozen strawberries, thawed

1 scoop Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder

1/2 T peanut butter

I started off by thawing the strawberries in the microwave (I’m not too patient…) and then sticking them in the blender with just a bit of almond milk.

photo (53)

Ready in seconds!

photo (57)

Then, I added the strawberry puree to my already cooking oatmeal, water, almond milk and flax. Last, I added the protein powder. Definitely be sure to mix the protein powder in well! It was a little harder with the strawberry puree in there.

photo (56)

The strawberry puree definitely made it more liquidy, so next time I would probably put less water or almond milk in the original mixture. However, once I let it sit for a bit, it thickened up nicely! Also, peanut butter was the perfect mix in, it was almost like peanut butter and jelly!

photo (55)

It may look like a disgusting brown bowl of mush, but it was pretty darn good! I definitely think it would be better with fresh strawberries, but I was trying to use these up in my fridge!

photo (54)

So good. The perfect start to my morning.

Next up? I got a hair cut! Don’t worry, nothing exciting, I just got a trim! I know, so adventurous.

To head though, it was time to break out an old friend. I looked at the weather and it was 37 degrees, but so windy out that it felt like 27 degrees…

photo (1)

It happened. I was trying to wait until after Thanksgiving, but I guess it makes to sense to torture myself just because of my stubbornness…

And what was I wearing underneath? My Chicago’s Perfect 10 Race Shirt from last weekend!

photo (2)

I’ve got to get in the race mood since I’ve got my 5K this morning, and I’m running 7 miles beforehand with Chelsey! In other words, I’m out the door by 6am!!! Which is why this was posted so early…

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


What’s your favorite food to eat that looks disgusting but tastes delicious?

Are you stubborn about breaking out cold weather gear?

5 Comments leave one →
  1. November 19, 2011 8:01 am

    Mmmm – sounds wonderful! I guess my hard boiled eggs don’t look appetizing to some people, but I just love those for snack with an apple.

  2. November 19, 2011 12:55 pm

    I think some of my green smoothies look pretty icky colour but taste amazing! That oatmeal does sound really delish though! Hope your having a great weekend 🙂

  3. actorsdiet permalink
    November 19, 2011 7:16 pm

    it’s been too long since i’ve made a comforting bowl of oats! i just broke out my uggs today too – except mine are black…

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