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WIAW–Gluten and Soy free style!

October 26, 2011

So yesterday I told you all that I may have gluten, soy, white sugar and pasteurized milk intolerances (we’ll just say gluten and soy… that’s a long list).

Today’s WIAW will show you some of the things I’ve been eating and some new recipes I’ve tried! Although it’s challenging, sometimes I enjoy a good challenge, and a reason to try new recipes.

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If you haven’t heard about What I Ate Wednesday, you should definitely check it out on Peas and Crayons, lots of great food ideas from other bloggers!

Peas and Crayons

This is also actually Monday, but Monday is pretty similar to Wednesday since my schedule is the same. So close enough…

For breakfast, I had the rest of the breakfast pizza that I made on Sunday. I got the recipe from Katie on Chocolate Covered Katie!

photo (10)


I know, I know, it’s a recycled photo, but it looked just the same! On the side was greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin and cinnamon! Soooo good it had to happen twice!

For lunch, I made my classic salad, but this time with some roasted carrots that I bought at the Farmers Market this weekend. I couldn’t resist all the colors!

photo (3)

Didn’t love the white ones, but the rest were delicious!

The salad had romaine lettuce, roasted Kombucha squash (another farmers market purchase), avocado, beets, and some Annie’s Fat Free Mango dressing! I love these salads because the dressing makes it taste tropical and it’s so good! Haha well, of course it’s good or I wouldn’t make it every day…

photo (23)

I know, I know, another recycled photo. Epic fail. Too hungry to take a picture. This week’s salad was stuffed to the brim! And just imagine the carrots in there too… haha.

Oh, and I have to note, that Kombucha squash was BY FAR the most difficult squash I’ve ever cut open. I literally had to take a break.

For my snack, I had an apple from apple picking, and a homemade protein bar! Recipe for those will be coming tomorrow!

photo (15)

Since I found out I am gluten and soy intolerant, I realized I couldn’t have soy sauce! I had been using Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, which is gluten free. But it’s definitely not soy free!

Luckily, I discovered Coconut Aminos, which is both soy and gluten free! I decided to try it out with my dinner.


photo (22)

In the mix is 1/2 cup barley, 1 small chopped green pepper, 1/4 cup corn, 1/4 cup frozen peas, 1/4 cup chopped onion, 1 chopped chicken hotdog from Trader Joe’s, powdered ginger, and Coconut Aminos.

**BARLEY HAS GLUTEN** Lol, I found out from one of the commentors. Just didn’t want to send anyone astray!

See those delicious looking green peppers? I have to say thank you to Chelsey for those! Straight from her garden! Wish I had a garden…

I also grabbed some strawberry banana yogurt from the cafeteria right afterwards to eat during my class since I was still a little hungry.

When I got home around 8:30pm, I was STARVING. I almost ate my hand on the bus ride. I swear. So I whipped up a single lady cupcake from Chocolate Covered Katie (made with garbanzo bean flour and had some chocolate chips tossed in!), sliced off a piece of my caramel apple from apple picking on Saturday, and mixed some canned pumpkin with almond milk and cinnamon!

photo (23)

The perfect healthy dessert combination. And if you haven’t tried mixing canned pumpkin with cinnamon and milk, you should! If you like things extra sweet, add some truvia or any other kind of sweetener. It gives it more of a cinnamon sugar taste rather than just cinnamon. And don’t freak out when you start mixing, it takes a bit of effort to get the milk all mixed in!

What is your favorite after-dinner treat? What’s the best thing you ate this week?

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  1. October 26, 2011 7:49 am

    Hmm I enjoy a piece of dark chocolate or other sweet treat. I usually save my desserts for the end of the day so after dinner I can savor the flavor!

    • October 26, 2011 10:05 am

      I save dessert for after dinner too, although I usually have a dark chocolate hershey kiss after lunch! Perfect way to end the meal, and a nice treat during a full day of law school…

  2. October 26, 2011 9:22 am

    those eats look delicious! My favorite after dinner treat is a piece of dark chocolate or some chocolate chips eaten right out of the freezer:) The best thing I ate this week was probably dinner last night..we had mexican which meant lots of guac! yumm

    • October 26, 2011 10:03 am

      I LOVE Mexican food! and I do the same thing, I keep dark chocolate hershey kisses in my fridge and have one after lunch!

  3. October 26, 2011 9:29 am

    That looks like a lovely dessert! At the moment I’m really loving some fruit, a couple of squares of dark chocolate and some nut butter to dip it all in, so good!

  4. Anonymous permalink
    October 26, 2011 9:44 am

    Barley has gluten in it 😦 sorry to be the debbie downer!! but i love dark choc dipped in pb 🙂

    • October 26, 2011 10:01 am

      ugh just googled it… you’re right. good timing too, I was about to leave for school with same dinner packed for tonight. That’s going in the trash… lol.

  5. October 26, 2011 11:39 am

    Love the quote! Happy WIAW!

  6. October 26, 2011 12:19 pm

    those carrots are so pretty!

  7. Allie permalink
    October 26, 2011 2:59 pm

    I love multi colored carrots! So good roasted with maple syrup.

    Also, fermented soy is more digestible (thats why all soy in Japanese cuisine is fermented) so you might be able to put soy sauce back in the table. Obviously, ask you doctor as I am not a medical professional! I can tolerate fermented soy so I thought it was with mentioning!

  8. lapiattini permalink
    October 26, 2011 4:55 pm

    your eats look so good! i’m jealous- i can’t wait to go to the farmer’s market on sunday and stock up!

  9. October 26, 2011 6:16 pm

    Good for you for finding such delicious eats with all those potential intolerances! It’s not always easy (or cheap!) to eat that way. But everything still looks way yummy!

    • October 26, 2011 6:35 pm

      I’m trying my best, but definitely struggling! And yes… very expensive. haha especially when I have to throw out so much stuff and replace it!

  10. October 26, 2011 8:21 pm

    The carrots look so colourful!!! Never seen so many types before!!
    My fave after dinner snack is ice cream!! or yogurt with granola 😀

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