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Sword in the Cake

October 8, 2011

Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you all are relaxing and enjoying the weekend! Here, in Chicago, we are having gorgeous weather with highs around 80! It’s shocking! Haha our last heat wave before the winter kicks in! The timing of the weather is also perfect because my grandparents are here visiting!

They flew in yesterday, my grandmother got some of her shopping out of the way, and then we met up with them for dinner!

We went to the LuxBar, which is located in one of the nicer areas of Chicago, right between Rush Street and Michigan Ave.

photo (55)

The owners of LuxBar also own Gibson’s Steakhouse and Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House, which are located right at the same intersection. I actually went to Gibson’s last year on the Chicago Marathon weekend as well, when my Aunt was visiting. I’ve heard, however, that Gibson’s and Hugo’s are more for visitors and the LuxBar is more of a locals place.

Ok, well heard this from a family friend who we happened to run into in the restaurant! He lives just a block and half away and he and his golfing buddy were there for a casual dinner, which they said they do often at the LuxBar. So we knew walking in that we had picked the right place!

My older brother loves Mexican food, so my grandparents were sure to order the quesadillas as an appetizer to surprise him.

photo (54)

They were very good! The chicken and veggies inside were very good and not soggy, and it wasn’t greasy at all.  Sorry for the awful pictures though, my poor iPhone doesn’t handle bad lighting very well!

For dinner I ordered the macadamia encrusted Tilapia with asparagus and a garlic butter sauce. I’m glad I got the sauce on the side, however, because it was delicious but very rich! The tilapia was alright but nothing amazing. I was glad my brother shared his mashed potatoes with me or I would have left very hungry! There wasn’t too much food on my plate! Haha I’m too used to mounds of veggies I guess. Also, I’d only eaten half my quesadilla slice so I wouldn’t fill up in anticipation of my dinner!

So remember our family friend that we ran into? Well apparently he is a frequent patron of the restaurant because the manager came over and said hello and then told us that since we’re such good friends of his that they were sending over some complimentary desserts! We felt like high rollers…

And boy did they send some desserts.

photo (53)

I literally gasped when I saw this giant piece of ice cream cake with the knife in it!

Lauren, my sister-in-law, was brave enough to tackle it. It was tough to get out, but she managed it. I joked that it was like the Sword in the Stone and whoever could get it out was king! Well Lauren gets to be king! Haha

I only had a few little bites of these because for some reason I wasn’t loving the nuts in it, and they were super rich for me. I haven’t had a dessert like that in a while so one bite made me feel like I was having a sugar rush!

We had a great time at the LuxBar and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to go out in a fun area of Chicago. The neighborhood was literally buzzing, and I’m sure part of that was due to all the tables outside so everyone could enjoy the beautiful weather!

Well I’m off to get in a quick workout and then it’s brunch with the grandparents, an architecture boat tour, tours of our apartments and then dinner out again! Busy Saturday!

What’s the craziest dessert you’ve ever been served in a restaurant!

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  1. October 8, 2011 1:01 pm

    the craziest dessert i have ever been offered must have been the “COOKIE MONSTER” at a restaurant (dont remember the name unfortunately) in Texas. OMG it was HUUUUGE! a big massive warm choc chip cookie on the bottom topped with a brownie fudge, topped with vanilla ice cream, topped with cream, topped with chocolate sauce. we shared in two and couldnt make half. haha

  2. October 8, 2011 4:31 pm

    I think I’ve heard of that cake! Sounds pretty intense!

  3. October 8, 2011 4:59 pm

    oh boy those desserts look awesome. i love those giant cookies so much! we’re having a heat wave in the northeast as well… it was in the upper 70s today! looking forward to the fall-like weather to come back next week.

    • October 8, 2011 5:51 pm

      I agree, I’m enjoying the heat right now (especially since I get to wear my favorite summer clothes one last time!) but I’m ready for fall!

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