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Lazy Wednesday!

September 29, 2011

Since my afternoon classes were cancelled yesterday, I decided to go to a Power Yoga class in the afternoon, which meant lazy morning for me! After cleaning up my apartment while watching Biggest Loser (I’m addicted…) I made myself a smoothie for breakfast!

photo (33)

Creamy Banana Berry Smoothie


1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup cottage cheese

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen berries

1 T chia seeds

1/2 tsp xantham gum

Toppings: shredded coconuts and broken up Trader Joe’s Ginger Cat Cookies and spoonful of PB


I headed to school early to get a bit of reading done (left my book in my locker…) and I decided to get off the bus a few stops early and get myself some Argo Tea! I’d been dying to try their Chai Massala (was NOT a disappointment!)

I’d actually never heard of Argo Tea before this summer. There was one near the office where I worked, so I tried it out and fell in love! Lucky for me, one opened up very recently a few blocks from school. I actually love it’s location: inside the Willis Tower!

photo (37)

photo (35)

photo (34)

Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower (most native Chicagoans shudder when I say “Willis” Tower), is the tallest building in North America! I never get tired of looking up at it every day. Today it was cloudy, so you couldn’t see the top! Makes me wonder what that looks like from the offices up there…

photo (36)

Sorry about the light post in the picture… I was trying to take it as I crossed the street and without looking like a tourist… fail.

When I got home yesterday I had a surprise waiting for me:

photo (38)photo (53)

MY ROAD ID CAME!!!! I was so excited! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever, although honestly I’ve been waiting forever because I kept meaning to order one but never got around to it! I decided to get one after reading about Ashley’s biking accident. I realized that since I don’t live with anyone, no knows when I go running and thus no one expects me back at any time. If anything ever happened to me, this would be a good thing to have!

photo (54)I was a little disappointed, however, that it’s a bit big! I got a Road ID slim, which just slips on and doesn’t adjust. I thought small would be too small, so I went with medium. I might call and see if I can just order a new band because the ID plate is made to be able to come off and put on a new band.

Once I got over my excitement, it was off to Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights) at Corepower Yoga, and then a special blogger event that you just have to wait to hear about!

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  1. September 29, 2011 7:36 pm

    Just found my way to your blog from Clean Eating Chelsey. 🙂 Fellow Chicago-area blogger here!

    Anyway, you absolutely can purchase just the band part of a Road ID and they are relatively inexpensive. I got a bracelet to put my shoe tag bracket on. 🙂

    • September 29, 2011 8:38 pm

      Thanks Lauren, I saw your comment and just went to their website and ordered two new wristbands (just in case one rips!). I’ll have to check out your blog, I love finding other chicago bloggers!

  2. September 29, 2011 7:40 pm

    Just read about this over at Cait’s blog…it looks so cool!!

    • September 29, 2011 8:39 pm

      It was a lot of fun, Paige! You should check out Amanda’s site, she does a lot of demonstrations for the public, most at Whole Food stores!

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