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One Month Anniversary!

September 2, 2011

Today is my blog’s one month anniversary! After starting the blog thinking that I would keep it up for at least a week, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a whole month! And weirdly, it’s been a month with many changes!

My very first blog post was written while sitting at my desk on my last day of my internship!

I went to my very first hot yoga class and wrote it about it on the blog – it didn’t go well, but I love it now!

My brother got a puppy
I went home to Kansas City for my mom’s birthday
I got to see lots of friends at home, and try lots of new restaurants! 

Check them out on my restaurant reviews tab! 
And run the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K with my dad!

Then I headed to Springfield, Illinois, for a fun road trip with Molly, my first state fair, and the most disgusting yet delicious sandwich ever!

Now I’m back in Chicago for my second year of law school,

And getting ready for the new season!

WHEW! It’s been quite a month! Thank you to everyone who has been following me all month, and to any new readers who are checking my blog out for the first time! I appreciate all the comments that have been left – I love when you comment, so keep them coming!

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend, and take some time to reflect on everything that you’ve accomplished recently! According to Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you’re going to miss it.”

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  1. September 3, 2011 5:38 pm

    Happy one month anniversary! Wait till you get to your one year anniversary 🙂

  2. September 7, 2011 12:45 pm

    I just found your blog through your comments on Kath's blog. I also just started blogging (in June) and I always like it when someone discovers my blog. So, I thought I would leave a comment to let you know someone else is reading :). I'm sure I'll see you around the blog world!

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