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Read Evidence or Take Survey? Survey.

August 27, 2011
Well, it’s Saturday morning, how’s that weekend To-Do list coming? Well, it’s coming… Haha. Got a lot of cleaning done yesterday and one school project. I’ve got a lot of things on here I’d like to do today, such as the Farmers Market! I’m also going to try and chip away at the school work… yay. 

In the spirit of getting my school work done, I started out by going through my Evidence notes and re-writing and organizing them (during class it’s a scramble to type whatever I can that the professor is saying!). What is that on my desk? Oh just had to whip out my dictionary to look up a term:

 I decided to start with Evidence because we ended up only having one class this week, aka I’m starting small and moving on to more daunting tasks later. Our class Monday was cancelled because the professor had to give closing arguments in a murder case. Totally normal. Happens all the time. Haha, well I guess in lawyer world it does, but I was thrown off by that e-mail!

My stomach was bothering me this morning, so for breakfast I just had some sliced up fruit. Nice and fresh.

So this morning, Chelsey on Clean Eating Chelsey did a fun survey that I thought I would do so people could get to know a little more about me! And so I could procrastinate…

5 Words to Describe Myself

  • Observant
  • Sarcastic
  • Loyal
  • Reserved
  • Controlling (I like to have plans, okay? Haha there are two people I can imagine laughing at this right now…).

4 Favorite Foods

  • Ice cream – just about any kind
  • Fresh fruit – again, haha just about any kind
  • Cereal – this includes oatmeal! 
  • Indian food

3 Things I’m most Proud of Accomplishing

  • Going to law school and doing well! (so far…). When I decided to go to law school I went through the whole process by myself, no counselor or anything. I just set my mind on it and figured it out on my own! 
  • Having this blog for THREE WEEKS. Honestly, I tend to get bored with things pretty quickly. Although this blog has been ridiculously time consuming, I really enjoy doing it and I hope you all enjoy reading! 
  • Keeping Neville alive. Okay, so this is really his biggest accomplishment, but I couldn’t think of much else. I’ve done a lot of little things I’m proud of, like finishing my 10K last year, finally losing my college weight, graduating college and doing well, everything that I did for my sorority, having some really great friends, etc. But Neville has lived for over a year! Everyone is shocked when they hear he’s still alive. As I am I… 

And yes, he was named after the character from Harry Potter. I felt they had similar
personalities… and clearly similar resilience. 

2 Favorite Workouts

  • Jazzercise!!! I used to go in college, but now when I’m home I go with my mom
  • My cardio/weight training workouts: 10 min cardio, 15-20 min weights, 10 min cardio, 15-20 min weights, and then 10 min cardio! Breaking it up makes it more fun, and I always feel like I’ve accomplished something afterwards! 

1 Thing to Expect from my Blog

  • ME! That’s all I’ve got! Since my blog is so new I think I’m still figuring out exactly what it will entail, so stay tuned and be sure to leave comments! Let me know if you have questions about me or would like to see me write about anything! 
Thanks for reading! 
What’s one of your biggest accomplishments?

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