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Funny "Foto" Friday

August 26, 2011
So for today’s Funny Foto Friday, I have quite a gem for you, straight from the IL State Fair! You didn’t think I showed you everything, did you? 
Well, if anyone here is in the market for a buggy (yes a buggy, like one that you would pull with a horse), then I have a treat for you! 

No, it does not come with the horse. But, there is a lovely caution sign on the back. Here’s a nice close-up:
My favorite part of the poster? The description: “Very Nice”. Now, who wouldn’t jump at this opportunity?!?
After my workout with my trainer, I came home and made up a smoothie with 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1.5 cups spinach, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2 T flax and 1 packet of Truvia. 
I topped it off with some of Julie’s granola! I found the recipe on her blog, Peanut Butter Fingers! I love her blog, she’s so personable, has great recipes and it doesn’t hurt that she’s also a Kappa Delta! 
To make the granola, I combined all the wet ingredients in a bowl, and then added the oatmeal and mixed it together. The End. Wasn’t that easy? I actually only used 1 T of Honey and Since I used PB2 powder, I think it ended up being a lot less PB too… So mine was probably more dry than the recipe should be, which is fine by me because I made it to put on top of my smoothie! 
After mixing, I spread it out onto a cookie sheet and then baked it in the oven. My oven is pretty old-school so I ended up leaving my granola in there for about 14 minutes. It turned out great! 

Going to my brother’s tonight to watch the Chiefs game! Last year I decided that I would become a better football fan, which meant I knew when the games were and if they won… This year I’m learning players! 
Is anyone else excited for football season?

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