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Working for the Weekend

August 24, 2011

It’s barely 10am and I’m already having a frustrating morning! Do you ever feel like you’re drowning? Like you’re just barely scraping by? That’s how I’m feeling this week. Every time I cross something off my To Do List, 3 more things get added in it’s place! I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day! I managed to do my laundry, but then realized my apartment is a huge mess. I get all my reading done for one class, and then get an e-mail from another professor asking us to read 40 pages for the next day!

Which is why I cannot wait for this weekend! I’m making a giant To-Do List and actually getting it ALL DONE. Cleaning, errands, school work, blogging, working out, and FUN! Gotta schedule in some relaxing time to keep my sanity! Perhaps a little time with Molly will help!

She certainly knows how to relax. I should take some tips from her. 
For dinner last night I had another veggie scramble. I’m trying to use everything in my fridge before I head back to the grocery store! I’m sorry it’s not exciting, but I’m hoping to try some new recipes next week, this week is just too crazy! 
In the scramble: broccoli, shredded carrots, mushrooms, 1/2 cup black beans, and a bit of canned salmon. Mixed with cumin, garlic powder and Dijon mustard! Totally hit the spot! Had a few figs with peanut butter (made from PB2 powder) for dessert! 

This morning I had half a banana and some coffee, and then headed off to the gym! I hadn’t been there in ages since I’ve been out of town so much! I started with 10 min on the elliptical and then did some interval running:
0-1 min at 6.0
1-2 min at 6.5
2-3 min at 9.0
3-4 min at 7.0
4-5 min at 9.0
5-6 min at 7.0
6-7 min at 9.0
then from 7 – 21 min I switched back and forth between 9.5 and 7.0 for one minute each
then I ran at 7.0 until I hit 3 miles at 23.46 and then I walked until 25 min.

After running, I hit the weights:
3 sets of each, switching between arms and legs
15 reps of bicep curls (30lb barbell)
12 reps of shoulder lifts (30lb barbell)
15 reps chin lifts (30lb barbell)
15 reps of angled-up leg extensions (160lbs) don’t know how to explain this machine… haha

Then I did 3 sets of these, switching back and forth between them:
15 reps of tricep pull downs (10lbs)
15 reps of calf lifts (115lbs)

After that I hit the elliptical for 5 min to loosen up my legs and then I stretched and rolled out!

When I got home I was crazy hungry, so I made myself an egg sandwich and a smoothie!

On the sandwich I made my own spread: greek yogurt with garlic powder and oregano mixed in. It was really good! 
The smoothie contained 3/4 cup frozen strawberries, 1/2 banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder and 1/2 cup of almond milk. Tasted like a strawberry milkshake! 

and a cup of green tea!
One thing that I learned about myself this morning, and that added to my frustration, is that I am definitely NOT a chef! Getting all the parts of my breakfast together to eat at once was very difficult for me! I felt like I was rushing all over the place, and I definitely caught something on fire when I was scrambling my egg whites! I was literally shaking when I actually sat down! Cooking is a struggle for me, hopefully I’ll get better at it! I just can’t do all the different components at once, I don’t know how real chefs do this! 
Anything that you struggle with? I also can’t clean… Haha. So many things to work on now that I’m living alone! What are you working on? 

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