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What Would You Pay to Milk a Cow? Springfield Part 2

August 22, 2011
Apparently, I would pay $1! Actually, I probably would have gone up to $5! Haha, they should have haggled! For those of you catching up, check out Springfield Part 1. After checking out the Dairy Building, we walked around the fair a bit and checked out some of the stands!

Suzanne has been going to the IL State Fair her entire life, so she knows all the good stands. She said she had to get a Lemonade Shake-Up, and they were everywhere! However, she has one specific stand she goes to, so we had to find it!

A Lemonade Shake Up includes a fresh squeezed lemon with sugar and water and they shake it up in the cup for you. Suze got a Lemon Orange Shake Up, which also has pieces of orange in it!

She was very pleased. 
We also saw some other interesting stands:

this one is hard to read, but it’s various types of meat on a stick (of course) as well as chocolate dipped corn dogs. Who wouldn’t want one of those???

 Suzanne had also heard about deep fried brownies, but had never tried one (she does say, however, that deep fried snickers are the best thing she’s had, so she recommends it, and she would know!). So we stopped by the brownie stand to check it out:

I tasted a bite and it was alright. It basically tasted like funnel cake with some chocolate on top. Suze said the Snickers was much better! 
After the brownie, we stopped into the horse ring to check out the show. Honestly, I almost died laughing. They were playing some kind of Mexican or Spanish music and all the competitors were prancing their horses around the ring while wearing Spanish costumes. So NOT what I was expecting! 

After we left that show… we headed to the livestock area where the highlight of the day occured: I milked a cow, for the first time ever!!!! I was pretty excited. Granted, I was taller than everyone else in line by a solid two feet. Oh well, first time for everything!

I did it! Not gonna lie, was a liiiiiittle nervous. But couldn’t let it show, all the kids in front of me went in with no fear! 

I even got a pin! And a coupon to go next door for some free milk!  It was quite a steal for $1!

After milking the cow, we walked around the livestock to check out all the animals! This is one of my favorite parts of fairs, because I love farm animals! Actually I’m a big fan of just about all animals (marine biology major…). Ha I sound like I’m twelve.

Suze tried to touch the llama… but got a little nervous
Everyone debating about touching the llama… they do spit, you know. 
Pretty sure Grayson was very tempted by this…. He became quite a llama expert while we were there.

They couldn’t resist… 

After the livestock I decided to try a shake-up for myself! A Strawberry Lemon Shake up! It was alright, I ended up eating the pieces of strawberry out of it and giving the rest to my brother.

We were about to leave the fair and I realized, I hadn’t gotten anything fried! We headed over to a stand where EVERYTHING was fried! They had oreos, snickers, pickles, twinkies, key lime pie, peaches with ice cream, kool aid, green tomatoes, and more!

I couldn’t decide between the fried peach with ice cream (clearly I was craving a bit of healthy) or the oreos… SO I GOT BOTH!

I shared the Oreos with the group, and let me tell you, getting them was a GOOD decision. That was amazing. I love oreos and having them surrounded in basically funnel cake batter and melted down a bit was absolutely fantastic. 
The peach, however, I saved for myself! At this point I didn’t realize how hungry I was and I figured, hey! It’s a peach! And they used low fat whipped cream. So it’s all good. 

More to come in Part 3! I’ve got to get ready for my first day of school tomorrow! Second year of law school, here I come! 

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