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Molly Visits the Capital – Springfield Part 1

August 21, 2011

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the long delay in posts, I didn’t have any internet this weekend in Springfield, IL! Saturday morning myself, my brother, my sister-in-law (who’s feeling better!) and Molly (their golden retriever puppy!) headed down to Springfield to check out the Illinois State Fair! I had never been to a state fair and I was dying to go, and Lauren had a wedding to go to, so Harrison and I were going to check it out!

This was Molly’s first official road trip, and minus a little barking and biting, she did a great job!

Such exciting things to see!
Like this motorcycle, covered in FRINGE!

Potty Break 1 (of many…) took us to Cheese Rd.!
Molly’s favorite part of the trip were the potty breaks

I love road trips, because no matter where I am, I love the scenery!  (ok well almost wherever I am…)
I think we got a little tired…

When we finally made it to Springfield, Lauren’s brother, Grayson, and sister-in-law, Suzanne, came over and Molly met a new friend, their dog Bella! Sorry the picture is a bit dark and fuzzy… But Molly got a bit ambitious and annoyed Bella. She learned her lesson though! Very adorable!

After we got settled, we headed over to the State Fair grounds! We parked at Jan and Jan’s parking lot (they were characters… best part of the fair was people watching!)

When we first arrived, Harrison and I hadn’t eaten for ages, so I was starving! We headed to Ethnic Village where there were huts featuring foods from various countries around the world. I thought I’d order something that might be semi-healthy and sustain me for all the fried food tasting I intended to do! 
I ordered the vegetable plate, which came with rice and yogurt salad. Harrison and I shared the plate. It was not so amazing… Haha clearly the vegetables were out of cans, but I guess that’s what I get for ordering Indian at the IL State Fair! 
After we ate, we headed over to the Dairy building where we saw the famous butter cow! Every year an artist carves a cow out of butter for the fair! I thought you’d want a good look… at all the angles. 

And when I saw this, of course I had to get my picture. I love these photo things! 

 I’ve got to run, heading out to see the Help with a group from! I joined a book club group earlier this summer to meet new people, it’s all women in their 20s who are new to Chicago! I met with them in July after reading Room and had a blast sipping wine and chatting! I haven’t been able to go since, but I’m so excited to see The Help tonight! I hope you all had a great weekend!

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