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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

August 19, 2011

Today is travel day… 😦

Everyone else in the blog world is heading to the Healthy Living Summit, I’m headed back to Chicago to start law school on Monday… Although don’t worry, I have a very interesting and “country” weekend planned… I know, you’re dying with anticipation!

New Book for the Plane! 

Toms: The perfect travel shoe! 

Although I’m leaving KC today, it’s also an exciting day because it’s the TWO WEEK ANNIVERSARY of my blog! Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it past a week. I tend to get started on a project and then after a while I get bored of it. But not blogging! I’ve had so much fun these past two weeks chronicling what I’ve been up to and researching new and interesting health topics. I’ve got a lot of things in store for the next couple weeks, so be sure to check back in here at Peace Love and Oats!

I started this blog as not only a way to share my own “healthy living” style (I really think of it as just my living style; I’m no expert!) but also as a way to be someone that other people can relate to. Reading several other blogs this summer, especially Carrots N Cake, helped me start to get past some food-obsessions that I had developed. I’m proud to say I haven’t counted a calorie in almost 2 months, however I have many more hurdles to overcome – such as constantly weighing myself or being scared of pasta and bread! My hope is to not only enjoy blogging, but to be able to help other people like I’ve been helped and inspired.

Well, it’s off to the airport for me so I hope you all have a great Friday!

Who inspires you? Have you gone through any big changes recently? 

 Also, race pictures are in!

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  1. August 19, 2011 1:39 pm

    Sorry for commenting back a little late, but I will definitely let you know about the protein powder. Maybe I will do a review? Haha. I still can't get down with spinach in my smoothies, I taste it every time even though everyone says you won't. Any suggestions on hiding the green stuff better? And I agree with you about blogs helping you get past things like food related obsessions. They helped me realize that being healthy does not always equal being skinny, and that exercise can be for fun and for the endorphins, not just to stay a certain size. Congrats on the 2 week mark!

  2. August 19, 2011 11:55 pm

    my best friend inspires me..she constantly thrives to grow as a learn new things about herself and others..and life in general. she is my complete inspiration and we inspire each other :)lately the biggest change (which isn't very big) is that i have learned how much i love reading and acquiring new knowledge..i am finally nerd-like and i love it! hehe

  3. August 20, 2011 12:58 am

    I came to your blog from your comment on Kath Eats Real Food. Congrats on your two week blogiversary! I've been toying with the idea of starting my own blog for awhile now but I'm nervous it will be a flop lol so you are an inspiration bc you actually have started yours! That's awesome and congrats! I'm adding yours to my favs now 🙂

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