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Girls Night Out and… Yep: More Yogurtini!

August 18, 2011
After my fantastic Jazzercise class yesterday, I decided to try and make a smoothie because I’ve been missing them so much! However, it turned out like soup. I won’t even bother explaining how I made it. Let’s just say no frozen fruit + no protein powder, flax or xantham gum = soup.

Green Soup.
A while after lunch I went and met two more of my friends (different ones!) at Yogurtini. I wanted to see Hadley and Lindsay before I left for Chicago so of course I roped them into my third trip to Yogurtini! Love this place. I decided to go fruity with strawberry banana yogurt, fruit and coconut on top!

After Yogurtini, I swung by the Roasterie again for another Iced Cafe Au Lait! Trying to get in my KC staples before I have to leave on Friday!

After Yogurtini, I headed over to a candy shop called Lara Little’s to visit my friend Helen at work! Lara Little’s Candies has been a Kansas City classic since 1970, everyone buys their fudge here! Helen said they are a little slow during the summer, but it’s insanely busy around any holiday! She even let me taste a piece of fudge, I got some that was chocolate with marshmallow and pecans; a bit rich for me but VERY delicious!


Such a cute store! They have fudge, all sorts of candies, cookies, anything you can imagine covered in chocolate, popcorn and even ice cream!

I saw this sign and couldn’t stop laughing. Just because there’s no sugar doesn’t mean there are no calories! Helen said people often asked, so they just put up a sign, hahaha.
Tonight was a big night for my visit home: Girls Night Out. Ever since last summer when my mom invited me along to dinner with her and two of her friends, Girls Night Out (more commonly referred to as a GNO) has become a tradition whenever we are all in town. This evening the group consisted of my mom and me, her friend Kim and her daughter Bailey (who went to Simply Breakfast and Yogurtini with me!) and then her friend Margi and her daughter Sarah. Mother-daughter GNO!
The restaurant we went to this evening is called The Westside Local, which is a newer restaurant in Kansas City that supports local foods. They had a very enticing menu and we all had a hard time choosing! We got the special that night as an appetizer, the Caprese Salad, which was delicious! The tomato was amazing and very fresh!

For dinner, I started with their soup special for the evening: Ratatouille! I definitely burnt the roof of my mouth (I ready to eat) but it was fresh and and light!

For my entree, I ordered the Quinoa with chicken and it was delicious! However, the parmesan cheese on top was very salty, I ended up drinking a lot of water! We actually noticed that all of our dishes were a bit salty (they also all included cheese… haha). All of the moms ended up getting their grilled cheese!

But the veggies mixed in were delicious and the chicken was perfectly cooked; nice and moist! It was a great evening and so much fun to see everyone and catch up, especially since I won’t be back again until Thanksgiving!
Do you all have any traditions when you go home?

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  1. August 22, 2011 7:43 pm

    Ah Westside Local was such a treat! Like your chicken, my salmon was absolutely superb 🙂 I'm so glad I got to see you so much during your visit in KC!Good luck in law school!

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