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French Dining with the Family and… JAZZERCISE!!!

August 17, 2011
Last night I went out to dinner with my grandparents, my mom and dad, and my little brother! We went to a French restaurant called Aixois in Brookside, which is in Kansas City, MO.

Aixois! And my dad.

The chef, Emmanuel Langlade, trained in Marseille before opening his restaurant in Kansas City in 2001. He uses local, organic foods and imports his cheeses, oils and seasonings from France.
To start, I had the house salad, which was bibb lettuce with hearts of palm, some red onions, tomatoes and a few glazed pecans (I think pecans.. could have been walnuts). Either way, it was delicious! Very light and I love hearts of palm so I devoured this!

I wasn’t as pleased, however, with my dinner entree. I ordered the salmon, which came with rice and green beans. I have to say the green beans were delicious… but that was all. The salmon was overcooked for my liking and the rice tasted like rice my mom makes from a bag at home.

However, everyone else seemed to love their meals! My dad had skirt steak, my mom had the veal (which she said was wonderful), my grandparents both had the trout (which looked great, should have ordered that!), and my little brother had shrimp pasta. For dessert, we ordered the mini sampler. My favorite was the gelato!

All in all, it was a great night with my family in a beautiful atmosphere! It really was a charming restaurant. I saw they have a great looking coffee bar, maybe I’ll get a chance to stop by before I leave to check it out!

Fuzzy picture… Trying to take the picture without getting left behind!
I woke up starving, so breakfast this morning consisted of a bowl of blueberries and strawberries with some almond milk and Truvia sprinkled over them, a cup of non-fat greek yogurt with PB2 Powder mixed in, and then the crumbly bits at the end of the bag of my Dad’s Raisin Bran cereal, with a few freeze dried banana chips from Trader Joes!

And, of course, a cup of coffee!

After breakfast, and a little blog work, my mom and I headed off to Jazzercise! You’re probably thinking, “Jazzercise? Isn’t that some kind of dancing exercise with leotards from the 80s??”. Well, you’re right. Sort of.
I started taking Jazzercise classes at the beginning of my senior year of college. My sorority “twin”, Amy Lee, wanted to try out the classes because her mom is an instructor in North Carolina and so Amy Lee had done Jazzercise growing up.
From their website:’


Burn up to 600 calories in one fun and powerfully effective 60-minute total body workout. Every Jazzercise group fitness class combines dance-based cardio with strength training and stretching to sculpt, tone and lengthen muscles for maximum fat burn. Choreographed to today’s hottest music, Jazzercise is a fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing. Start dancing yourself fit and change the shape of your body today!

I loved going in college because it was a fun way to get in some cardio and strength training, but also have fun! I loved the community atmosphere and getting to know all the women there! The Jazzercise instructors are so helpful and such kind and fun women! They keep you laughing and smiling the whole class! (and sweating!). I definitely miss my Jazzercisers at East Cooper Jazzercise (in SC) but loved getting to see everyone at Jazzercise today!
I got my mom to start going over a year ago, and she loves it too! It’s for women of all ages and all fitness levels (I’ve even seen some men!). I HIGHLY recommend looking for a Jazzercise class near you!
What’s your favorite exercise class?

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  1. Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine permalink
    August 17, 2011 8:16 pm

    Bummer that your salmon wasn't good, but the experience sounds like a ton of fun!! I also love breakfast that has a whole bunch of different components–like a brekkie sampler!

  2. August 17, 2011 9:34 pm

    I really enjoy my Body Pump classes. I hop on the treadmill for some cardio for about 30 minutes beforehand, and I'm good to go!

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