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Lincoln Park Zoo Run!

August 11, 2011
So today on my 10K training schedule I am supposed to run 2 miles and do strength training. I’ve got the strength training covered since I meet with my personal trainer later this afternoon, but I was NOT feeling those two miles today… I actually managed to push it off for over 2 hours this morning by busying myself with writing cover letters and getting organized to turn in paperwork for the On Campus Interview process with law firms for next summer. Haha, that’s how badly I didn’t want to go!
Before my run I had half a banana with some PB2 mixed with a little water (to turn it into peanut butter) and some honey to sweeten it.

Since I really didn’t want to run this morning (stood in my open doorway debating in my head for a minute or two…) I told myself just go out there and jog and see what happens! So I ended up turning my 2 mile run into a 3 mile jog, ending it in just under 30 minutes. To entertain myself, I decided to run through the Lincoln Park Zoo!

Lucky for me, I actually live somewhat close to the zoo, so I often like to take some of my slower runs through there because it keeps me entertained! The zoo is completely free and has several entrances, so I can just wind my way through from one end to the other! Unfortunately, a lot of the animals weren’t outside this morning, but I did manage to snap a couple pictures for you all!

Here are some Zebra!

And Llamas! Gotta love llamas…
The zoo is also surrounded by a beautifully restored area of the park with nature walk pathways surrounding the area. And it’s a beautiful view of downtown! I love this park because it’s a great juxtaposition of nature and the city!

When I got home I had my overnight oats waiting in a blender to try out this recipe from Kath Eats! Mine was a little different though because I didn’t include Chia Seeds. Mine ended up being more soupy than I had hoped, which may be due to the lack of chia seeds. I topped it with some honey, raisins, and dried banana slices from Trader Joe’s! Still delicious.
Now I’ve got to get back to more reading for school since I want to get it done before I leave tomorrow for Kansas City! Ahhhhh!

Does anyone else have a fun or interesting place that they can run/walk through?
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  1. August 12, 2011 2:20 am

    You are so fortunate to live near such great places to run!! 🙂 I love running outdoors! It's way too hot in Florida for me to run outside! Good job today!!

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