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Apple Pie Oatmeal and Q&A

August 8, 2011
So this morning has been rather thrilling and I can’t wait to share it with you all! NOT. Haha, I woke up this morning and I knew I wanted to workout in the afternoon, so I thought, what should I do? Then I looked around my apartment… This is a cleaning morning! So in the midst of my scrubbing, organizing and laundry I decided to make myself a delicious bowl of oatmeal!
I had just bought some organic Pink Lady apples at Trader Joe’s yesterday so I was dying to use them in my oatmeal! I love Pink Lady apples because they have a unique sweet taste!
To make my oatmeal I chopped up half an apple into cubes and added that to a half cup of oatmeal and sprinkled some cinnamon on top!

Then I added a half cup of almond milk and a quarter cup of water and microwaved the mix for 3 minutes. Then I added 2 spoonfuls of PB2 powder, which made it a bit thicker than I anticipated…

So I added a bit of almond milk and stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds since the milk cooled it down a bit. Moved it to a bowl, and TADA! It was like having apple pie for breakfast! This will definitely be a go-to during the fall, I’ll have to have a use for all those delicious farmers market apples!

soooo good!
Question Responses:
Dad – you’re not exactly my target audience so you won’t find this geared towards you…

I’m curious about this protein powder. I’ve only ever really seen body builders use it, and you’re obviously not a huge muscly scary girl. Why do you use it?

My personal trainer suggested that I start using protein powder this past January. It’s a great addition to my diet because I don’t tend to get enough protein, especially with the amount of strength training that I do. I find it hard to cook meat for just one person, it’s also expensive! So having a protein smoothie after a workout has been very helpful for me. Several other bloggers that I follow also use protein powder in their smoothies; I think it’s become more and more common for women who do strength training or who are vegetarians and are looking to add more protein into their diets!

If anyone is thinking about using protein powder, I’d recommend going to a health food store and asking a sales associate about it and what kind you should buy. I talked with my trainer beforehand to make sure I got one that was very low in sugar and fat compared to the amount of calories. A lot of times are aimed towards men, who metabolize a lot faster, so you want to stay away from those!

Have you learned to run with both legs evenly?

Very funny. Thank you big brother for that question. To everyone else, I had been having a lot of knee problems while running and then in late April I pulled my IT band. I tried just resting for a while to see if I could get over the injury myself, but after a couple months of failed attempts I finally went to see a physical therapist to get a running evaluation. She took a video of me running from the front, right side and back and then also did a few strength and flexibility tests.

When I came back the next week she had a dvd of my running broken down for me and several exercises to get me back on the road! A week ago (last Tuesday) I was finally allowed to try running again! The physical therapist told me I have a slight curve in my spine, which was causing me to run with my right leg at an inward angle whenever I stepped down. I also had several other problems, such as swinging my arms back and forth across my body and landing my stride in front of me rather than underneath my body.

So to report, so far so good! I still have to ice my knees after running, but it’s a sore kind of pain, not a sharp pain that I had been feeling before! I’m very excited to be running again and cannot wait for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in September!

Does anyone else have races coming up that they are excited for?

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